Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Auburn Fire Department Launches Facebook and Twitter Pages

February 25, 2013

Fire Chief Stephen M. Coleman Jr. has announced that the Auburn Fire/Rescue Department has
recently launched a Facebook and Twitter page that can be used during emergency situations. The
pages will be used to keep the public informed during situations like major snow storms, hurricanes,
major road closures, etc.

“We recognize that social media has become a major part of our lives today. This is another
way that our department is trying to keep the public informed about situations that may affect their
lives” Chief Coleman said. The department intends to post safety related messages periodically to
remind people of certain actions that they can take to keep themselves safe during certain seasons of
the year. “For instance we will post a reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors when it
is time to change your clocks. Or to shovel out fire hydrants on your property when they are covered in

The department has been working to try and have a greater presence on the web to both assist
and inform the public on the mission of the Auburn Fire/Rescue Department. The department’s website
has had a major transformation over the past two years with the assistance of the departments web
master Firefighter/Paramedic Adam LaFlash. The site has had many upgrades over the past year with
the addition of a news section, frequently asked questions, storm safety tips, informational videos and a
section where contractors can download their necessary permits from the fire prevention section of the

You can find the Auburn Fire/Rescue Department on Facebook or Twitter at auburnmassfire.
Or visit the fire departments website at www.auburnmassfire.org and click on the Facebook or Twitter
connect buttons on the home page.

Contact:  Chief Stephen M. Coleman Jr.