Thursday, February 19, 2015

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Help Clear Fire Hydrants of Snow


Today the Worcester County Sheriff's Office Inmate Community Service Program assisted the AFRD staff and retired AFRD Lieutenant and current Selectman Ken Holstrom shovel fire hydrants.  This team effort focused on many different areas of town including Routes 12 & 20.  Fire Chief Stephen Coleman said "I really appreciate the assistance other organizations and departments have given us when it comes to shoveling out fire hydrants".

Over the past week the National Guard, Citizens Emergency Response Team, Department of Public Works, Auburn Water District, and the Worcester County Sheriff's Office have assisted the AFRD with shoveling out fire hydrants.  We would like to thank all of the organizations that have helped in this endeavor and all the residents that shovel fire hydrants every storm, it truly is appreciated.  

The AFRD depends on fire hydrants to provide the necessary water needed to extinguish a fire.  If the fire hydrant is buried under snow crews will have to shovel it out in order to extinguish the fire or search for another fire hydrant.  Having the fire hydrant shoveled out prior to an emergency will help prevent delays on extinguishing a fire.  

Once again a big thank you to the Worcester County Sheriff's Office inmates, staff and Selectman Holstrom for a great job today.  

Pictures for the Media.


Asst. Chief Glenn Johnson