Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bomb Squad and State HAZMAT Team Called to 394 Rochdale Street


At 10:59 a.m. the Auburn Fire Rescue Department along with the Auburn Police Department was called to 394 Rochdale Street for a question of explosives at the home.  Explosives were found and the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad responded to the scene.    

The state in which the explosives were found did not pose a threat to the community.  The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad did detonate the explosives at the Police Department's shooting range on Rochdale Street. 

While searching the rest of the property, crews discovered a mix of hazardous chemicals.  The Massachusetts State HAZMAT Team responded to the scene.  The chemicals where identified and the home was made safe.  

This call was a great example of multiple agenencies working together.  The following agenicies where on scene.  Auburn Fire Rescue Department, Auburn Police Department, Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, Massachusetts State HAZMAT Team, and the ATF.  Any questions related to the type of explosives should be directed to the Massachusetts State Police.  

Picture for the media.

Asst. Chief Glenn Johnson